Wednesday, September 10, 2008

St. Augustine Group Helping Baracoa

Group Collects Donations for Hurricane Ike Victims in Cuba

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ST. AUGUSTINE, FL -- A group from St. Augustine is collecting money to buy supplies for Hurricane Ike victims in Cuba.

The St. Augustine-Baracoa Friendship Association will collect money, buy supplies in Canada, then take them to Baracoa, Cuba.

Kristy Weeks is part of the Friendship Association.

"We've developed very close friendships with the people of Baracoa over the last eight years in the ten trips we've been there. So they're very near and dear to our hearts," Weeks said.

The St. Augustine based non-profit group is licensed to do humanitarian and environmental work in Cuba.

The group has permission to travel to Cuba. Its members have helped in day cares, health programs, and recently they helped a Cuban woman who is cleaning up toxic landfills in the country.

So the Friendship Association was crushed to see Hurricane Ike wallop Baracoa.

Weeks said she recognized places she saw on the news. She said she saw video of a huge wave hit the home of a man the group visited once.

So Weeks and the Friendship Association are asking for donations for hurricane relief supplies that they will send to Cuba.

Weeks said, "It's very upsetting. Very sad for us because they lead such a difficult life on a daily basis just trying to gather food for their families. Now they have this spin out on top of them, it's just very sad."

The group is asking for money donations and they will buy the specific supplies the Cubans need, once they learn what those needs are.

If you'd like to help, send checks to:The Friendship AssociationP.O. Box 861086St. Augustine, FL 32086

Put "Hurricane Relief" on the note section of the check.

Click here for a link to the association's web site.

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